Fixed Income Products

KGS-Alpha is a market leader in the structuring and trading of the full range of fixed income products. With a sophisticated and highly skilled team, KGS-Alpha has both quantitative and structuring expertise as well as considerable client reach across the country and across global financial centers. KGS-Alpha offers unique idea-driven and market-based solutions to client challenges in managing their assets and liabilities. KGS-Alpha is well capitalized relative to peer firms. KGS-Alpha is dedicated to providing delivery of timely, objective guidance along with efficient trade execution. We structure and trade the following fixed income products:

  • Agency CMOs
  • Agency Specified Passthroughs
  • Agency ARMs
  • Callable and Bullet Agency Debt
  • Non-agency RMBS
  • Asset-Backed Securities
  • Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities
  • Secondary CDO/CLO
  • Structured Notes
  • Non-U.S. ABS/RMBS
  • SBA Loans
  • CRA Loans
  • Repurchase Agreements